Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Navrathan Spicy Kurma

The name of the curry ‘ Navrathan’ stands for 9 gems - that’s 9 different vegetables are used to create a unique and outstanding curry. This curry used to be served to Kings in the princely states of India, before Independence. You can use any vegetables you best like, but I prefer vegetables listed below. This can be the main or side-dish when you are giving a formal dinner for 4 -5 people. For garnishing, fried golden nuts are added on top along with capsicum and paneer. This dish goes best with ‘pooris’ or 'roti'.

Serves :4
Prep time : 15 mins
cooking time : 25 mins


1 cup of Mixed vegetables (carrots, potato, beans, peas, corn and cauliflower) - Boil it with a pinch of sugar till they are half cooked.

2 cloves
2 cardamom
1 bay leaf
10-12 kaju
1 cinnamon stick (dalchini)
1 big onion chopped finely
1 big onion - grind it into paste
2 large tomato puree
2 tbsp fresh cream
1 tbsp curd
1/8 tsp tumeric powder
salt to taste
Mix 1/2 tsp cornflour and 1 cup of milk

Make a paste of:
5 dry red kashmiri chillies
4 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp dhania seeds or powder
1 inch of ginger
1 tsp of khus-khus soak in water

1 tbsp cashewnut
1 tbsp raisin
50gms paneer - cut in cubes
1 tbsp ghee
1 tbsp oil
1 small capsicum chopped finely


  • Take ghee and oil in a kadai fry kaju, rasins, capsicuma and paneer all saperately one by one and keep it aside.

  • In the same kadai add chopped onions fry till it is translucent. Then add onion paste. When pink in color and the raw smell is gone add the ground paste. Saute it well till aroma arises.

  • Add curd. When curd is absorbed add tumeric powder, salt to taste and tomato puree.

  • Mix it well till the oil is separates then add the vegetables and mix well.

  • Keep it on low flame and cover it with a lid till the vegetables are cook.

  • Then add the fresh cream and add the cornflour mixture.

  • When it thickens add the garnish - dry fruits, capsicum and paneer.

  • Serve hot with Roti.

Notes: The 9th vegetable in this dish is beet root. I didnt use in this recipe as I dont like the color and taste of this vegetable in this dish. If u like u can use it.

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