Monday, June 18, 2007

My First Post !!

This is Athika from Seattle, Washington. I am originally from India. I always wanted to have my own blog where i can share recipes and ideas with everyone else. I have finally done it.

Cooking has always been my passion. From childhood, I have seen my Grandmother and Mother cook, which has helped me learn and understand that cooking is really an art. I have always felt that everyone has a different method of cooking which is right in its own way. To me the way someone cooks, is a representation of his/her individual taste and preferences.

With my blog here, I want to post some of my recipes that I have tried. I want to be able to show the way I cook and in the process learn new things from everyone.

Thanks for visting my blog, I will start posting my recipes soon.


Sushil said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

Prema Sundar said...

Welcome Athika... All the best in blogging and will look forward to ur lovely recipes.

Ritu said...

I have alawys been a fan of Atika's cooking. Be it choley bhature that she just prepares casually for a hiking trip, or the elaborate meals that she prepares (and she does those with so much ease).

Infact I have been waiting for this blog/some sort of cooking classes from her for some time now.

All the best to Akita for all the posts. I know I can blindly follow all her recipes and they will turn out yummy!

Aparna said...

I love bitter gourd and was looking for a recepie online when I came across yours.Its great !

Tushar said...

Hi Athika,

Thanks for this great blog and all of your lovely recipes. Will you posting any new recipes this year? If yes, do you take requests for recipes?


Athika said...

Hi Tushar,

Thank you very much. I will definately post some new recipes soon. Wat kind of recipes.


Tushar said...

Hi Athika,

Thanks for responding to post so very promptly.

I am a big big fan of south Indian cuisine of all. Being from Pune, I used to love the white coconut chutney served by a famous local udipi restaurant. I've tried to make it at home many times and have only got this close. It was a thick chutney, not too viscous, mildly spicy. As you are from Chennai, you'd probably know how to make a similar chutney. Would appreciate your help very much..