Monday, August 20, 2007


Khandvi is a traditional Gujrati recipe. Gujarati cusine has special place all over India. Gujarati food is nourishing and balanced. Snacks like dhokla, khandvi, sweets like shrikhand are famous for its taste. This week I decided to make Gujarati Khandvi. But I never tried this dish at home. My mom always says it's a easy dish to make and only takes few minutes to make! Well ...I thought to give it a try anyway and I didn't find it hard at all except when spreading the batter, you should do it quickly before batter gets cold and lumpy. It tasted so good almost like spicy Pasta!! They make a wonderful snack. It's definitely worth the effort I say!

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins

1/2 cup gram flour (besan)
1 cup thin buttermilk
salt to taste
2-3 pinches turmeric powder
1 tbsp. oil

For seasoning:
2 tsp. oil
1/2 tsp. mustard seeds
1 tbsp. coconut scraped
1 tbsp. coriander finely chopped
2 pinches asafoetida
2 green chillies finely chopped
1 stalk curry leaves

1. Mix Buttermilk, flour, salt and turmeric to form a batter.

2. Stir vigorously and evenly to avoid lump formation.

3. Cook till the mixture does not taste raw, stirring continuously.
4. When done (about 7-8 minutes), pour a ladleful in a large greased plate.
5. Spread as thin as possible with the back of a large flat spoon.
6. Use circular outward movements as for dosas.
7. When cool, cut into 2" wide strips.

8. Carefully roll each strip, repeat for all plates.
9. Place in a serving dish.

For seasoning:
1. Sprinkle coconut and coriander all over khandvi rolls.
2. Heat oil in a small pan.
3. Add cumin, asafoetida, curry leaves and chillies.
4. At last at sesame seeds and immediately pour over rolls.
5. Serve as is or with corainder chutney.


Suganya said...

Thank you for this explanatory post. Khandvi looks lovely!

Padma said...

We used to buy from outside and eat while in Bombay, but here the options are very few, thanks for sharing this recipe, will surely try one day! Beautiful pics

Richa said...

looks delicious and there's no stopping once u get the hang of rolling it :)

Bubbalili said...

Incredible. Thanks for sharing the step by step process.

Kajal said...

WOW.....great work. I made same way but lots of work for nonstop stirring.......But very nice taste when it’s complete so work is worth. Looks very yummy my dear.....:))

Athika said...

Hi Kajal, Thanks, actually when I made for the first time it was very hard but when I made the second time I found it very easy and it hardly took any time. It happened within minutes. You do have to stir and be quick in platting. But tastes awesome.

Hi Padma, You should try sometime it is very easy to make . Hope you like the recipe.

Hi Bubbalili,Richa and Suganya, Thanks for your comment.

Coffee said...

This one is a very gujju dish! We also sprinkle some grated coconut after the tadka over it. Try it if you like it. :)

Vcuisine said...

I read this post once Athika. Wanted to explore more on that. Thanks for giving a clean recipe. Thanks for dropping by. Good to know you. Viji

Anonymous said...

Hey babes........
i m quite impressed wid ur work..
dam kewl the recipies are really nice



Raj said...

This is a kind of melting recipe. I made it yesterday....Athika, you cud have more turmeric powder to the batter to develop the color and flavor...It is nice and I still have that flavor of Kandhavi...

Its yum!!!

Athika said...

Raj, Thanks for the comment. An extra dose of turmeric powdger will certainly help.